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Welcome to our support center. Please review the troubleshooting list below. If you have further questions or concerns, please send us an email and our service representatives will respond as quickly as possible. You may also call our tech support line at (212) 883-8838.


How to find the right charger for your device.                                                
To find the right charger for your device. Refer to the list of compatible models in the product section of the website.  Compatible models are also listed clearly on the front of every package at store level.

The light on the adapter flickers or turns off while in use.
When the adapter is plugged into the power supply, the light should remain constant. If the light flickers or goes out, the plug may not be inserted properly into the power supply.

The iPhone/ iPod Car Charger connector will not fit when the device is in a protective case
Some cases have openings that extend outward and do not allow enough room for the connector to properly plug into the device. In this situation, the device must be removed from the case in order to accept the charger connector.

How to change the fuse on a Car Charger.                                                   
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Instructions for using the 3in1 Charger                                                                
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